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Where stage my home to sell in Hawaii?


How will I stage my home to sell in Hawaii? What’s the importance of staging my home before listing it for sale? Why would a potential client prefer buying a staged home over a non-staged one in Hawaii? These are some of the questions that most homeowners ask themselves whenever they come across the term staging a house before selling. Staging your house in Hawaii makes it showroom-ready, which leaves buyers with an imagination of living there. Before going to the market to look for a house, most homebuyers usually look for picture-perfect houses online and on home decorating shows, so learning how and where to stage a house in Hawaii can make a big difference when putting it up for sale.

What’s the meaning of staging a house in Hawaii?

Staging a house in Hawaii is all about cleaning your house, and strategically arranging décor & furnishings to give your house an exquisite look before selling it. Once you’ve reached a decision to sell your house in Hawaii, you need to deem it as a product. Does it say «buy me» or is it appealing to your targeted audience? Staging your house involves paring down and refreshing your house, decluttering it, and even renting décor and furniture to make it attractive to potential buyers.

Here’s how you can stage a house in Hawaii

  1. Start by figuring out why, how, and where to stage your house. Staging a house in Hawaii is a strategic move for any home seller in this region. Research shows that 40% of potential home buyers prefer viewing staged homes they came across online than ones that are not. This is because most individuals find it easier to imagine these staged houses as their future homes. Moreover, staged homes in Hawaii sell at higher prices than un-staged homes, which is also another reason why you should consider staging your home in Hawaii. Staged homes sell faster too. Understanding the advantages of staging a home in Hawaii can help you in deciding whether staging your home is right for you or not, and the amount to invest in decorating it.
  2. Declutter and Clean your Home. The most basic method of staging a home in Hawaii is by cleaning and purging. A clean and neat house looks bigger. Get rid of all your personal items and knick-knacks from all the surfaces. Don’t stuff them in closets; your potential buyers will also want to have an idea of how your closet looks, and stuffing them with personal items will make them look small. Arrange all your items in a box and get them out of your house. After decluttering, do a deep cleaning. Make sure your bathrooms and kitchen are sparkling clean, and ensure all toilet lids are closed before taking pics or any type of showings. Allow fresh air into the house by opening all the windows, cleaning your carpets and upholstery. You don’t want potential buyers to feel itchy and uneasy when they visit your home. You can hire a professional to help you with the cleaning.
  3. Use colors and light to give your house a bright look. Most buyers are typically attracted to bright rooms, which makes lighting and colors vital elements of staging a house in Hawaii. Remember to open your blinds and curtains before a showing and ensure your house is well lit. Dusting your fixtures and bulbs will also help a lot. Moreover, don’t forget to play with bright colors. Rooms with bright colors and bulbs look more appealing than dull ones. You can also use soft white or daylight bulbs to achieve brightness in your rooms.
  4. Stage the main rooms first. Staging a house costs money; this process involves renting furniture and removing some, which may require hiring a storage unit. In case you don’t have the resources and time required to stage your entire house, you can still get it done by staging specific rooms. Surveys show that the appearance of the living room is the most important aspect for most homeowners. After the living room comes the master bedroom, then the kitchen and finally the bathrooms and other bedrooms.
  5. Remove your old furniture and replace them. A golden rule when staging a house in Hawaii is removing about half your furniture. As difficult as it may seem, removing furniture will make your house look bigger and more appealing to potential buyers. If your furniture is outdated, you can donate or sell it. After creating enough room, you can rent new good looking furniture pieces and use them to stage your house. A cheaper option is using pop-up furniture, which is usually made using cardboard or corrugated plastic. Pop up furniture still looks nice enough to give buyers an impression of space and style they need.
  6. Arrange your furniture. After you’ve settled on a particular style of furniture that will be used to stage your home, consider positioning chairs, tables, and couches away from your walls. This is referred to as «floating» your furniture. Fill up the remaining space with an area rug, even if your house has wall-to-wall carpet. The rug will give your room a cozy and intimate look, which is ideal for conversing with family and friends.

Work on your home’s Exteriors

Work on your home’s Curb appeal. This refers to how good the exterior of your home looks at first glance. A home’s curb appeal is vital when it comes to staging a house because a potential client will notice the exteriors first before getting into the house. You can improve your homes curb appeal in Hawaii by doing the following:

  • Power-washing your walkway and house.
  • Cleaning your windows thoroughly.
  • Ensuring your house number is visible and easy to read.
  • Mowing the lawn.
  • Trimming overgrown greenery.
  • Planting and watering flowers.
  • Adding outdoor furniture to your home.

After you’ve staged your house in Hawaii, you can add some final touches inside. Most individuals love seeing bowls of fresh fruits in the kitchen, fresh flowers in vases, and even neatly folded towels in bathrooms. You should also take into account hiring a professional photographer. Your photographs will determine the type and the number of people who’d love to visit your house, and this is very practical in Hawaii. Ensure that you hire a marketing team that has a great photographer, stager, and a fantastic Realtor.

Lastly, look for a home staging agent who’s visually gifted. The agent should have a good understanding of the negative space and color theory. He/she should also know how to invoke emotional responses by setting the tone using a minimal amount of décor and furniture, which will make your Hawaii home stand out of the rest.