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Staging a House For Sale in 2020: Worth it Or Not?


Staging a House for Sale: Is It Worth It?

When selling your home, you may be tempted to cut costs to maximize profit. Most home sellers would rather do the bare minimum. However, when it comes to selling a home, it's all about striking a perfect balance. That's where staging comes in. Since potential homeowners have different tastes and preferences, not everyone will love your style.

Home staging is about giving your home the best impression to potential buyers. It's also about making buyers see themselves living in your home. However, staging isn’t cheap even though costs vary depending on factors like initial design consultation, length of staging contract, size of the home, professionalism, etc. This explains why most people would rather overlook this critical aspect of selling a home. If you’re ready to sell your home but haven’t decided on staging, here's why staging a house for sale makes sense.

4 reasons for staging a home for sale

Staging makes a home stand out

With many homes in the market at any given time, the main challenge for a home seller is making their home stand out. Given most homebuyers today will go online in search of homes before considering a visit, your home must look enticing. Staging will get the job done. Professional stagers are trained to prepare homes for sale. They know exactly what home buyers are looking for online and offline. Staging will make your home stand out in your neighborhood in every aspect from the curb appeal (view from the street) to the interior. It will also make potential homebuyers see themselves living in your home, which is a critical factor in every home buying decision.

Staging makes the best use of space

Most DIY (Do-It-Yourself) home sellers don’t know how to utilize space. Professional home stagers are trained to get the best out of every room. When staging a small home for sale, professional stagers know how to direct a buyer’s focus to your home’s openness instead of the size. They also know how to make large spaces usable to stop potential buyers from overlooking your home because they think it’s too big. Staging gives all rooms purpose. Professional stagers can walk through a home creating flow that benefits most, if not all, potential buyers.

Staging reduces the selling time

If you aren’t convinced why staging is important, this reason should get you thinking. For some reason, most home sellers are usually eager to sell. Even if the home is yours and you don’t have mortgage payments to worry about, owning a home comes with costs. Staging helps to sell homes faster. According to RESA’s (Real Estate Staging Association) report on real estate staging, homes that aren't staged before listing sit on the market for approximately 143 days. Those that are staged before listing sell within 40 days.

Staging increases home offer prices

While it costs to stage a house for sale, higher offers are guaranteed. Staging gets people interested in your home. Professional staging almost always leads to a bidding war. When many buyers love your home, they will be more willing to outbid each other. If you want some statistics on how staging increases home offer prices, the NAR (National Association of Realtors) has been on record stating that every $100 spent on staging has a potential return of $400.

According to the 2017 NAR home staging research report, 29% of real estate agents reported a 1-5% increase in value because of staging. 21% of agents reported a 8-10% increase, while 5% reported an 11-15% increase in value because of staging. The link between professional staging and price is clear. Staged homes attract more buyer interest translating in higher offers.

Staging a house for sale is clearly important in today’s markets where home buyers start their home buying experience online. However, staging must be done by professionals to eliminate guesswork. Professional stagers know how to stage a home perfectly with everyone's interests in mind. In fact, the best home stagers can customize a home staging budget for you if you need one. The experience doesn't need to be costly even though the returns are guaranteed. What's more, you'll attract your ideal buyer and sell your home faster, saving you carrying expenses in the process.