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How Much to Stage a House?


Now staging a house has become a "must do" for sellers because it makes easier for prospective buyers to imagine the property as a future home. As experts say, staged homes sell faster and for more money than unstaged homes. Staging your home makes your home appeal to the most people. A house is a transaction between a buyer and a seller in today’s market. Selling house can make great margins for sellers. Prices depend on the size and price of your home – it’s more expensive to make a 6-bedroom house look good than a one-room apartment – but be ready to pay up to 2% of your home’s sell price. According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2019 Home Staging Report, the average cost of the home staging service is about $450. You’ll pay from $250-$1000 only for the consultation, and the costs for home staging vary wildly.

  • Home staging is more for fashion but not for function. Many staging companies have a warehouse stocked of different frames, art prints, vases, faux plants/fruit etc. Home stagers know that even fresh linens and towels or a change of curtains can make a difference in emotions to put someone in the mood to buy. You pay professional stagers because they are experts in understanding of these touches you would otherwise have missed. However, the main share of the cost of home staging service belong to the furniture.
  • The Costs of Staging Furniture. Furniture is one of the first things buyers notice when go into a room, and it can help to sell a house. Also, it makes an empty space feel fuller or a small room look bigger. It’s a nice way to label a room as a living room or a work area. Specialty furniture helps to create optical illusions, for example, miniature furniture is used to make a person look bigger. A professional stager knows where to take the furniture for rent and can transform any room with the help of different details such as an electric fireplace or a full-sized bed.

What Room is Best to Stage?

The most often staged rooms are the living room and kitchen because the first impression when walking into a home and the last place when leaving is the living room. Much of the conversation with a buyer happens in either the living room or the kitchen. Kitchens and bathrooms are also high on everyone’s list when buying a home. These two rooms must look as big and luxurious as possible. Focus on cleaning of these rooms if you want your house to sell. Also, consider landscaping for the yards even they are less often handled by home stagers. Buyers won't have any desire to walk into a house if it looks haunted from the outside because of weeds.

Work with a Home Staging Company to Save Money

Home staging is a mature business these days, and it’s about more than just looks. Maybe, you will have a desire to let your real estate agent act as a home stager to save money. But realtors can be good sellers, great marketers or negotiator but it doesn't mean that they have good designing skills. Your realtor can't be a jack of all trades. Underpaying your team may “save money,” but it isn’t where you save smart money. One more way to save money is to try doing it all yourself or by skipping house staging entirely - you can think. Yes, you can use your own furniture or items as much as possible but if it’s not presentable, that will be the first thing people will notice.

Keep in mind a home staging can bring an extra $10,000-50,000 in your home’s sale price even though you will pay $250-$1000 just to get a consultation. The return on this investment is worth the extra cost. However, if your home has been on the market for a long time, you're tired of putting more and more money into selling your house, contact our company, 24 Hour Staging may be a great option for you to save the most amount of money possible! Our home stagers are designers who know how to make your home awe anyone who walks into it.