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How Much Does it Cost to Stage a House?


Home staging is an unvalued tool that real estate agents and home sellers use to make a property more attractive for buyers. Prospective buyers can better imagine themselves living in the house. Right home staging can transform it from a simple house to a highly desirable property. However, each homeowner should consider the time, costs and effort this process will take.

Cost of home staging service

Home stagers charge by the hour or with a fixed rate. The cost will depend on the size and condition of your house, and where you live. An initial consultation with a home stager runs from $200-$1000, and the cost of home staging is around $6,000 depending on the house’s size. If you are on a budget, you can have only the consultation with home stagers then gather your family and implement some ideas that will get you more money from selling your house. Maybe you will need to do some thorough cleaning, repairs and possibly painting before staging your home. Also, you can meet with several home staging companies to look over their portfolios and discuss pricing

Types of home staging and prices

Home staging consists of such types:

  • Main Rooms Staging. Trying to save money, some homeowners want to stage the main rooms of the home. They concentrate on the living room, master bedroom, family room and dining room. If you decide to stage only one or two rooms, then be ready to pay $400-$700 for one 12×12 foot room.
  • Vacant Home Staging. You will pay for staging a vacant home that is 2,000 square feet around $2,200. Once decorated, the home stager charges a monthly rate until the home sells.
  • Occupied Home Staging. Staging an occupied home with furnishings will cost less than staging an empty house. Typically, a home stager will charge a one-time rate of around $800 - $1,000 if your house is fully furnished. They will try to organize the house so it is staged with the homeowner's personal belongings in a visually attractive way. Home stagers' services will include decluttering, moving furniture that belongs to the home owner.

Expense for home staging per month

If you can't sell your home right away, you need to pay the home stager for their items. Most home stagers charge from $500-$600 per month per room. You will pay $2,000-$2,400 per month for staging all rooms of a 2,000-square-foot home until the home sells. Even if you sell your home in a few days, most home stagers expect the full month’s payment. Prices tend to vary and you will pay more if a house is multi-storied and additional workers are required to arrange the furniture.

The worth of home staging

Staging makes the process of selling a house well worth the expense. According to the Mortgage Daily News professionally staged homes usually sell for 3% more from the anticipated price. 90 percent of all staged homes successfully sell within a month of hitting the market.

Home staging includes such services:

  • Furniture, knick-knacks, rugs, wall hangings.
  • Arranging all items in a visually attractive fashion.
  • Different props such as books, plants, pillows, baskets, bedding, lighting fixtures etc.

Staging helps to sell your house quickly and for more money. Selling of a staged home is far easier than selling of a vacant house. The cost of staging can mean money in the bank for you if you hire a professional—such home stager has a great portfolio, has sound design sense and is well-recommended by other sellers. Staging will help you to sell your home sooner and save you a month or more of carrying expenses. The average price of a complete home staging is usually much less than your first price reduction.