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Historic home interior styles


Did you know that your home’s interior is a perfect reflection of your style and preference? Nowadays, we’ve lots of popular interior styles that satisfy your taste and preferences. With lots of dream decor design house styles on the internet, you can’t miss an interior design style that speaks to your soul. If you’re thinking of remodeling your home, below are some of the most popular interior design styles for your dream decor design house.

❋ Modern Style ❋

The modern is all about creating dominance in the composition using a few elements. In this design style, asymmetry is highly honored, and the use of clean lines in the design is much preferred. Contrary to using several small accessories, this design uses big paintings to decorate the open wall spaces. This design is mostly used to give an illusion of space, especially in small houses and apartments.

Colors: Common Colors used include light browns, beiges, and grays. Bright colors are mostly used to add details to the walls.
Furniture: The furniture used is also simple.

❋ Contemporary Style ❋

Often used by individuals who don’t like the modern style. While the modern interior design style adheres to rules set by a movement that started in the late 20th century, contemporary-style doesn’t observe any particular rules. In this style, significance is achieved by adding a natural and fresh look to space. The contemporary style focuses on forms, lines, and shapes. Materials used also play a more vital part than colors.

Colors: Colors are used to bring depth and diversity to the interior.
Furniture: he furniture used mostly has a slim silhouette. The use of light-colored wood with clean and well-defined lines is common.

❋ Minimalist Style ❋

In minimalist style, “Less is more” is the theme. According to home furnishings Hawaii, the minimalist style has gained popularity during recent years. This design style involves replacing excess furniture and decor with less furniture and accessories. Having less furniture and accessories in a design space gives an illusion of space abundance, which is the main theme that inspired the minimalist theme.

Colors: White is mainly used in this particular design, although sometimes grays and monochromes are used to attain a sense of accents.
Furniture: This design uses minimum furniture with neat designs. The use of plants is also common in this setting.

❋ Traditional Style ❋

The traditional style is associated with balance, elegance, and symmetry. In this design, warmth and comfort are achieved by using subtle colors and elements. Furniture and accessories are used in abundance. Accessories are used to add charm to the traditional theme. The design also uses lots of heavy curtains, candle stands, vases, accent pieces, sculptures, and mirrors to achieve balance in the composition.

Colors: The use of natural colors like cream beige and taupe is popular. Sometimes, darker shades are used to add accent.
Furniture: Traditional themes use dark-colored wooden furniture. These furniture pieces are mostly carved with soft edges. Mahogany Maple, Oak, and Cherry are used to complete the elegance.

❋ Bohemian Style ❋

The Bohemian interior design is comprised of eclectic patterns and bright hues. To get the best out of this theme, layering should be done. For a fascinating finish, components from different eras and countries are used. This theme has no preferences or priorities, as long as the composition looks vivid and vibrant.

Colors: The Bohemian palette uses a wide range of colors, combining them to form different spectrum casts to achieve the maximum charm.
Furniture: The furniture used should have a tribal vibe. Also, using Vintage furniture goes well with this theme.

❋ Industrial Style ❋

The industrial style draws inspiration from the urban loft. This theme started becoming popular when old warehouses started getting refurbished into studio apartments and lofts. Open floor plans, unfinished bricked walls, bare windows, and exposed woodwork are very common for this theme.

Colors: This theme makes use of lots of grays and browns. Primary colors are mostly replaced with neutral and cool colors to compliment the setup.
Furniture: The use of aluminum, steel, iron, and is common for this theme. Lighting accessories are usually in metal. Sometimes, Concrete and Wood are used where necessary.

Remodeling your dream decor design house should be easy if you have a particular kind of theme in mind. Home is truly where your heart and soul lies! So think of a decoration theme you love and hire reputed home furnishings Hawaii contractors and let them reflection your imagination.