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Increase the sale of your house or office by as much as 70% when using 24 hour staging services. It is simple, easy and without compromising the quality and the bottom line.
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Increase the sale of your house or office by as much as 70% when using 24 hour staging services. It is simple, easy and without compromising the quality and the bottom line.
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The entire idea of 24 hours is simply amazing. It made my realestate agen careery a breeze. And I love how fast my houses sell. Fast, realiable and easy process and service.
Maria Kim
Realstate Agent
The entire idea of 24 hours is simply amazing. It made my realestate agen careery a breeze. And I love how fast my houses sell. Fast, realiable and easy process and service.
Kim Maria
Realstate Agent

Stage Your House and Sell Faster in Oahu Hawaii

Are you planning to put your house on the market for sale? Or perhaps you’ve listed your home for sale for a while now but haven't gotten any serious offers yet. Well, selling your house for top dollars does not happen by accident. No! It requires thoughtful approach that can attract potential buyers.

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At 24 Hour Staging, we help homeowners, realtors, and investors sell their listings quickly by transforming the houses into sought-after properties that compel buyers and appeal to everyone. We are a premier Hawaiian based company that specializes in home staging to ensure that you feel super-confident that your listing looks its level best for the quickest sale at the highest price possible. We believe that any home that competes with newer home listings needs to look just as good as the newer properties. And that’s where our company comes to showcase your home in its best possible light!

At 24 Hour Staging, we have a team of highly trained professionals who have experience in arranging the furnishings and decors in your house strategically so that it looks its best to potential buyers. This often involves refreshing and pairing down your own belongings, or sometimes moving out your stuff and bringing in chic furniture and fancier décor that will ensure that your property rising at the market.

Why should I Stage My Home?

Staging a house for sale allows potential buyers to see what their future home could look like. It increases the perception of value, enhances the buyer’s emotional connection and amps their urgency to buy your home. Hiring a professional to walk with you throughout the stages of selling a house will help you:

  • Increase Its Price: Staging a house to sell will bring you higher offers, sometimes even more significant than your asking price. A research conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp. shows that staged homes sold by up to 6% of the asking price.
  • Sell Faster: When you list your house for sale, you’ll obviously be hoping that it goes off the market fast so that you can move on to your next investment, right? Well, staging a house for sale gets your place showroom-ready and ensures that you get a quick sale. Studies have shown that staged properties are sold for 76% faster than those without staging, according to RESA – Real Estate Staging Association.
  • Maximize Your Return: If you’re a realtor or an investor looking to improve profits off your recent purchase, then staging your home for sale should be a must-do! A study by NAR showed that for a 1-3% investment on staging consultation, increased the overall return on investment by up to 8-10%. In fact, staging a house for sale is the one sure way of getting a handsome ROI without making any significant add-ons to your property.
  • Make Your Home Stand Out: Today, the Hawaiian real estate marketing is swamped with new listings every day, with each of the properties offering buyers spaces with better and unique amenities. Staging a home for sale ensures that your property appeals to a broad audience. It helps buyers imagine it as their own future home. That «mental move-in» is crucial as it improves the selling price of your house and hastens its sale.

At 24 Hour Staging, we use a well-thought-out staging plan that keeps the homeowner and the prospective buyer in mind. How? By bringing a freshly curated look to each of your interiors so that your property looks simple, brighter, yet well optimized for features, flow, and space. Even in a hot market like Oahu Hawaii, our staged properties often receive top dollars offers at the first open house.

Why should I Hire the 24 Hour Staging Team?

With so much to gain, it makes sense for sellers, investors, and realtors to hire or partner with professional staging companies to do the legwork for them. Whether you’re looking to sell your property or trying to give some fresh look to a stagnant listing, we can help create a compelling first impression and prepare your home for sale.

We are a team of dedicated interior designers, planners, and real estate experts with broad experience in design, real estate, and customer service. For every project we undertake, we always strive to bring unparalleled expertise, professionalism, responsiveness and deliver tangible results. Here are a few reasons why we remain your go-to staging company in Oahu Hawaii:

  • High standards. At 24 Hour Staging, we are committed to improving our craft and mastering new market trends to serve our clients best. Through our website, you, the customer can book and pay for consultation hassle-free.
  • We provide quality furnishings and accessories to our clients to suit different needs, styles, and preferences of each house. This means less headache for the homeowner.
  • We have a highly experienced team of professional movers and staging specialists to help you through the stages of selling a house.
  • We have well-curated tiered pricing model that stipulates the different cost to stage a home for sale to help you get your property off the market quickly even when you’re cash strapped.
  • We are a one-stop-shop to help you prepare your house for sale as quickly as possible. Whether you’re looking for a stage my house’ consultation, space planning, color selections, flooring and furnishing, single room staging, full-house staging or even listing your property for sale, we always have you covered.
  • Staging a home for sale doesn’t come without risks. That’s why at 24 Hour Staging, we have an insurance policy option for clients who need the added peace of mind.
  • When staging your home to sell, our company tries to make the process as cost-effective as possible to our clients. Our goal is to make the stages of selling a house to be seamless for homeowners to help as many sellers sell their property fast and at a better price. And also make the stages of buying a house as hassle-free as possible to help buyers experience the great possibilities the property has to offer.
  • We provide free, high-quality photography in all full staging projects which you can use when listing your property.

Our Staging Process

Once you hire us, our team will work with you using our strategic staging plan to create a space that is appealing to potential buyers. The following are critical steps that are portrayed in our staging plan:

  • Determine what interior upgrades you may need.
  • Analyze your space to highlight areas that may need cleaning or painting.
  • We then analyze your competition to determine how we can arrange and pair furniture and accessories to give your property a simpler, brighter, yet well-optimized features and flows that beats the competition.
  • Finally, we analyze your target audience to curate a space that sells a new standard of living to the prospective buyers.

Let Us Help You Sell Your Home

At 24 Hour Staging Company, we have proven expertise and experience to creatively stage a wide variety of properties from bungalows to traditional villas, to modern apartments and new builds that are ripe for investment.

We can accentuate the features and flow of your property ensuring that it appeals to the emotions and the imaginations of the prospective buyer. Contact us today to give your property the wow’ factor that will lead to a faster sale and a higher price offer.

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